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Get to Know Momodokii

Kicking off our RDYxYOU line is our first creator Momodokii. Get to know her a little more with an exclusive interview about her design inspiration and PC gaming habits.


“Hi! I’m Momodokii! I am a content creator who loves desk design, PC building & gaming!”


What was the main inspiration for your current PC aesthetic?

My main inspiration for this build is my love for all things pink. This Galax Gaming GPU comes in pink and so I’ve centered the design around that color. I love adding floral decor to my builds to add some dimension and color! Having a PC that runs beautifully and still be aesthetic is my goal


What games are you currently playing?

Fortnite, Fortnite and Fortnite haha! I’ve also been into Palia, Pal World & I’m now starting to dabble in VALORANT!


What is your most used computer accessory?

My current fav (and most used) is my new MSI OLED Ultrawide monitor! This thing takes gaming to the next level experience.


What is something that all PC users should not cheap out on?

Your GPU! The video card typically takes a bulk of the budget. However, make sure you get a CPU to support your graphics card so there’s no bottlenecking! These two are a super important duo if you’re looking to build (or even buy a prebuilt).


Keep up to date with Momodokii on all of her socials! If you want to purchase the RDY Momodokii you can find it exclusively at iBUYPOWER.

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