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Signature Series Systems

iBUYPOWER’s Signature Gaming PCs are designed in-house by our very own Lab Tech team and can be found in the custom gaming pc or prebuilt gaming pc sections.

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Cool with no compromises.
Have it all with iBUYPOWER’s new desktop triple-threat. Achieve optimal thermal performance, minimized acoustic operation and maximum desk appeal in a “no compromise” package. Element Hybrid RDY systems feature the latest and greatest hand-picked components for the most discerning PC enthusiast.
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Ultimate Customization
The Snowblind was designed to allow anyone to fully customize the look of their side panel. Featuring an open source software called “Rainmeter,” you can design or download new widget skins to your heart’s desire.
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Mirror Your Unique Style
Reflect your unique style while showcasing your gaming tower's impressive internals with the Element, Slate, and Trace MR Series of gaming pc cases. Designed for pc gamers with an eye for aesthetics, the MR Series features gorgeous RGB internals, tempered glass side panels, and a unique 'partial mirror' finish.
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Element CL
A Better Way to Cool
Every Element CL system comes with a full custom liquid cooling system for both CPU and GPU utilizing transparent hardline tubing for the ultimate combination of beauty and cooling performance.
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iBUYPOWER Signature Series Systems
Gone are the days of tucking your desktop computer out-of-sight. We believe PC Gaming is a lifestyle, a means of self-expression, and an opportunity for DIY enthusiasts, content creators, and pc streamers to flex their unique style while grinding the ladder.

iBUYPOWER’s Signature Gaming PCs are designed in-house by our very own Lab Tech team, and can be found in the custom gaming PC or prebuilt gaming PC sections. Need a LAN-ready system with a hot-swappable SSD? The Revolt Series of Signature Desktops are designed for full-sized components in a small form factor. Perhaps you’d like an easily adjustable PC case? The Case Builder’s modular design enables aspiring gamers and creators to configure and customize the look and structure of their computer case. Perhaps you’d like to showcase your gaming tower's impressive RGB internals? The iBUYPOWER Mirror Series of gaming PC cases is designed for gamers with an eye for aesthetics, featuring tempered glass side panels and a unique 'partial mirror' finish. Or maybe you’re hoping for more functionality than a see-through side panel? The Snowblind Signature Desktop has an LCD that operates as an independent monitor.

Last but most certainly not least, the newest iBUYPOWER Signature System is the Element CL liquid cooled gaming PC. Featuring an integrated front panel distribution plate and push-to-connect fittings that make tube routing easier, the Element CL was created to withstand the turbulent nature of shipping while still providing a best-in-class gaming experience. To ensure the Element CL remains cool at ideal thermal levels through the most intense gaming sessions, both the CPU and GPU will be fitted with a custom, addressable RGB waterblock, with four preinstalled 120mm ARGB fans and 360mm radiator to allow optimal internal airflow.

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