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Jingliu Guide & Build – The Strongest DPS in Star Rail [Best Relics, Light Cones, and Teams]

What make Jingliu so special?


I recently released my guide for the single most-attractive character Mihoyo has ever released, where I break down everything you need to know about the new ice destruction unit. Jingliu does some of the highest damage in the game, and if built properly can become your go-to unit for carrying harder content.

Her high single target damage makes her competitive with other top damage dealers, but whats more important than that is her AoE capabilities, which allow her to SHRED through enemies with some of the highest damage in the game. And all of this comes at the cost of just a little HP!

Using her skill gives you a stack of Syzygy, and with two stacks Jingliu enters her enhanced state. While in her enhanced state she can have up to three stacks of Syzygy, which she uses instead of skill points until she runs out and returns to her normal state. When Jingliu attacks in her enhanced state, she steals HP from party members and converts it into extra ATK, as well as gains an insane amount of Crit Rate, an Ult damage bonus, a huge Effect Res buff (with one of her major traces), and a 100% Action Forward. So she gets a giga-buff and gets to go again instantly!

On top of that, her skill gains an extra 10 energy while she is enhanced, going from a 20 energy gain normally to a 30 energy gain. Her Ult, Florephemeral Dreamflux, also gives a stack of Syzygy. This may make it tempting to use her Ult to get her enhanced state up more quickly, but you should absolutely wait and use it while already in enhanced state to utilize the damage bonuses. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re going to overcap on energy, it’s typically worth saving her Ultimate anyways, since the buffs are so strong. Ideally, you’ll be using Jingliu’s skill every turn.

Jingliu’s last major trace gives a 10% action forward on every skill, which is helpful for longer fights. Other traces give her speed, so it’s best to build your Jingliu to be extra fast and take advantage of it. 

Her technique outside of battle freezes enemies on entering combat, gives her 15 energy, and also gives her a Syzygy stack, so its worth using every fight when possible!

All in all, this character deals MASSIVE damage at a low cost that can be counterweighted by a solid healer. Here’s how you can take advantage of her high damage!


Best Build for Jingliu

The best relic sets for Jingliu are 4pc Glacial Forest or 4pc Genius of Brilliant Stars, and Rutilant Arena for her planar set! Glacial Frost is slightly better overall than Genius of Brilliant Stars for the crit damage after using her Ult, as well as the Ice bonus damage on the 2 piece. But against quantum-weak enemies, Genius of Brilliant stars can be really good and sometimes even better than Glacial Forest! Overall, choose whichever set has the better substats. 

Rutilant Arena works with any stat changes that are reflected on the stat screen for the character, meaning Jingliu’s enhanced state can activate Rutilant’s effect . You may not get 100% uptime, but the effect is strong enough that it ends up being worth it anyways. Other options are Space Sealing Station or Inert Salsotto, just pick whichever has better substats.

Chestpiece: Crit Damage

Boots: Speed > ATK%

Sphere: Ice Damage

Rope: ATK%

For her chestpiece, you want Crit Damage. Speed or Attack on her boots, Ice Damage sphere, and an Attack % rope are your other ideal choices for her kit. Her Crit Rate buffs make enough of a difference that you don’t really need it as a main stat anywhere, so damage is the way to go. ATK% is just higher damage on the rope, and Energy Regen doesn’t really help her keep get more Ultimates to the point where it offsets the ATK bonus. Since she gains a TON of attack on her own and most of her damage comes from her enhanced state, you’ll want to get off more attacks, so a high speed is also ideal. I recommend getting her Speed to 134 or 147 first, then (assuming you have enough Crit Rate) you can focus on her Crit Damage and Attack% for substats!

What about Jingliu’s Best Light Cone?

Her signature lightcone, I Shall Be My Own Sword, is her obvious best in slot for its Crit DMG, DMG bonus, and Defense Ignore. 

Other options are Brighter Than the Sun for it’s Crit Rate and ATK %, The Unreachable Side for its Crit Rate and DMG bonus, and Something Irreplaceable for its stat bonuses. 


A Secret Vow at high superimposition is also fantastic, though, for the DMG bonus, and Under the Blue Sky’s passive at S5 can be better than some 5 Star Light Cones. 

For free to play players, On The Fall of an Aeon from Herta’s shop is your best bet. If that one’s out of reach, you can use The Moles Welcome You, Under the Blue Sky, A Secret Vow, or, worst case, Collapsing Sky at S5. 

Overall, her lightcone is a better pickup option than her eidolons due to the damage gain. Your priority for Jingliu should be: Use Bronya > Light Cone > Eidolons. Basically, forfeit all mortal possessions to Jingliu.


What are Jingliu’s strongest teams?

Jingliu has a few different characters that really boost her potential. Bronya is the best pairing for her due to her ability to increase the amount of Syzygy state attacks she’ll get throughout a fight. Just make sure she’s slower than Jingliu so that you can use a Jingliu attack, then Bronya skill, then Jingliu attack again!


Use supports like these!

Luocha is her other top pairing due to the fact that with his field activated, you heal on every attack. By building Luocha completely as a healer, you can gain more HP back every attack than Jingliu is actually eating, therefore making her a TOP DAMAGE DEALER for no cost!

Lastly, Pela is an underrated top tier unit that can shred enemy defenses in an AoE, and type-matches Jingliu, which makes the two a fantastic pair against ice-weakened enemies.

Here are some team examples to max your damage!


Bronya is the TOP support for Jingliu, and Luocha is the TOP sustainer!

Tingyun and Asta are great 4-star buffers that can work with Jingliu 

If you prefer video-learning, check out this Jingliu Guide I made that shows her in action! Good luck out there!

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