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VALORANT Agent Deep Dive: Jett

Valorant Agent Deep Dive: Jett

Jett is a Korean duelist in VALORANT, renowned for her unparalleled agility and swift movements. She thrives when played aggressively, making her the perfect choice for risk-takers.

To harness Jett’s full potential, players must embrace her agile playstyle, constantly staying on the move and utilizing her swift movements and aerial acrobatics to outmaneuver opponents and secure victories.



Jett’s kit allows her to evade enemy fire and traverse VALORANT maps with unparalleled speed, distinguishing her as one of the most agile Agents. Her abilities, though seemingly simple, can be devastating when used skillfully. This simplicity makes her popular among beginners, but she’s even more effective for experienced players. 

Whether attacking or defending, Jett is best at creating space for her team. On Attackers, she focuses on securing sites, creating opportunities, and outmaneuvering opponents. On Defenders, she holds aggressive angles, secures early picks, and maintains a constant threat to the enemy. 



In VALORANT, Jett’s Cloudburst ability instantly throws a projectile that expands into a brief vision-blocking cloud upon impact with a surface. The cloud lasts 4.5 seconds and provides valuable cover, disrupting enemy sightlines.

One of Cloudburst’s unique features is its curving ability, which is done by holding down the activation key. It allows players to precisely control the direction of the smoke in line with their crosshairs. This flexibility enables Jett to manipulate the smoke to suit specific tactical situations, like cutting off enemy vision or creating pathways for escape.

Other ways players can effectively use Jett’s Cloudburst ability are:

  • Deploying it reactively: Particularly effective for quick maneuvers and escaping unfavorable engagements. Combine it with Jett’s Tailwind ability to swiftly position yourself within the smoke to confuse enemies and allow for strategic repositioning.
  • Obscure abilities: Cloudburst obscures enemy agents and their abilities, such as Killjoy’s turret or Sova’s recon dart, for valuable protection.
  • Escape method: Throw it under Jett or her teammates to create unexpected advantages or escape combat situations.

Given its short duration, players must act quickly after deploying Cloudburst to capitalize on its benefits. 


Jett’s Updraft ability allows her to reach elevated positions other agents cannot access. This unique mobility enables players to leverage high-ground advantages, hold off-angles, and catch enemies off guard by instantly propelling Jett high into the air.

Other ways to use Jett’s Updraft ability in VALORANT include:

  • Avoid enemy’s abilities: By quickly ascending into the air, Jett can evade incoming attacks, such as projectiles or area-denial abilities, mitigating damage and maintaining her battlefield position.
  • Bypass traps and barriers: Whether it’s jumping over obstacles or escaping hazardous areas, Updraft can be instrumental in navigating the map safely.

Players can also combine Updraft with other abilities to enhance Jett’s elusiveness and unpredictability. Whether using it with Cloudburst for quick repositioning or pairing it with Tailwind for rapid aerial maneuvers, Updraft’s versatility allows for creative and strategic plays.



Tailwind is Jett’s signature move in VALORANT, granting her unparalleled mobility to reposition or escape dangerous situations swiftly. This instant dash allows Jett to propel herself in the direction she is moving, providing her with a rapid means of maneuvering around the battlefield.

Jett can use Tailwind aggressively and defensively. While it’s tempting to use it aggressively to close the gap on opponents or secure kills, it’s usually better to save Tailwind as an escape tool. 

A few ways you can use Tailwind are:

  • Aggressive play: Jett can swiftly approach enemies and secure kills before retreating to safety.
  • Quickly enter position: Helps with avoiding immediate danger while drawing attention from enemies, creating opportunities for their team. 
  • Pairing Tailwind and Cloudburst: Throw the smoke into the area they plan to dash into, providing additional cover and confusion for enemies.
  • Dodge enemy’s ultimate abilities: Increases Jett’s survivability and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Tailwind is crucial for maximizing Jett’s mobility and survivability in combat. Whether used aggressively to secure kills or defensively to escape danger, Tailwind allows Jett to excel in fast-paced engagements and easily outmaneuver opponents. 



Blade Storm

Blade Storm is Jett’s ultimate ability, equipping her with highly accurate throwing knives (kunai) that can be devastating on the battlefield. This ultimate ability provides Jett with five kunai, which are replenished on a right-click kill, making it a game-changing tool.

The unique aspect of Blade Storm is its lethality. A single headshot with a kunai can eliminate an opponent, while three body shots or four leg shots are sufficient for a kill. It makes Blade Storm comparable to rifles like the Vandal or Phantom if Jett can accurately land her shots.

More strategies for Jett’s Blade Storm ability include:

  • Assist when there’s low team economy: Jett using the ultimate and purchasing a weapon for her team increases their chances of winning the round without putting them at a significant disadvantage.
  • Save rounds: Use it to attempt to steal the round from the enemy team. Despite being an eco-friendly option, Blade Storm still offers a solid chance of victory without excessively compromising the team’s economy. 

Blade Storm can fire individual kunai with the left mouse button or unleash all remaining daggers simultaneously with the right mouse button. However, the kunai only replenishes upon successfully hitting a target with a right-click kill. 

In VALORANT, Jett’s ultimate also provides unparalleled mobility and freedom of movement for accurate shooting while flying or running due to the absence of movement restrictions.

Best Maps to Play Jett

The best VALORANT maps to play Jett on include: 

  • Lotus
  • Pearl
  • Breeze
  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Split
  • Ascent

She also can be an excellent player to consider for Icebox, but there are better choices than Jett for that specific VALORANT map.

Best Team Comps for Jett

Her versatility and mobility make Jett an asset in various VALORANT team compositions. Taking into account the best maps to play Jett on, here are her ideal team compositions:

  • Lotus: Pairing Jett with Gekko can create a dynamic duo. Gekko’s aggressive playstyle complements Jett’s mobility, allowing them to push aggressively and secure kills.
  • Pearl: Jett’s best team composition includes Viper, Killjoy, Skye, and Harbor. Jett’s mobility and aggressive capabilities pair well with the utility and control provided by Viper, Killjoy, Skye, and Harbor for a balanced and versatile team.
  • Breeze: Many professionals prefer team compositions with Sova, KAY/O, and Jett on Breeze due to the map’s large spaces. Sova and KAY/O provide valuable reconnaissance and control abilities, while Jett’s mobility allows her to traverse the map and secure kills quickly.
  • Bind: Jett’s ideal team would be KAY/O, Sova, Omen, and Killjoy. Jett’s mobility complements the reconnaissance abilities of Sova and KAY/O, while Omen’s teleportation and Killjoy’s area denial add control and defense to the team.
  • Haven: Jett is best paired with Yoru on this map because Jett’s mobility and aggressive playstyle pair well with Yoru’s ability to create distractions and disrupt enemy defenses.
  • Split: Jett should pair up with Raze, as they excel in aggressive playstyles. They utilize their mobility and explosive abilities to push aggressively and secure kills on the map.
  • Ascent: Jett’s best team is Omen, KAY/O, Sova, and Killjoy. Her mobility and aggressive capabilities complement the surveillance and control provided by Omen, KAY/O, Sova, and Killjoy.

Her aggressive play and swift maneuvering make Jett valuable in VALORANT. Her adaptability to different playstyles contributes to the team’s success.

Immerse Yourself While Playing as Jett from VALORANT

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