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iBUYPOWER RMA Process: What To Expect

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iBP Staff
iBP Staff

Did something go wrong after you’ve unboxed your system? Need to send it back for testing and repair? Here’s a guide to our RMA process, so that you can get your PC back up and running as soon as possible.

1.) Where did you Purchase your System?

Before starting on your RMA we’ll need to know where you got your iBUYPOWER system from. If you’ve bought the iBUYPOWER system from a retailer, (Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Adorama, Newegg, etc.) we will require different information prior then if you purchased a system directly from us.

Those who purchased a retail system please contact our customer support number (626) 269-5200 and our Toll-Free number (888) 462-3899 who will provide a code to enter into our retail RMA site https://www.ibuypower.com/etailers.

2.) Get Connected!


Whether it is wear and tear from the long gaming sessions or unexpected transit brutality. We are here to help! The first thing we recommend you do is to contact our tech support number (626) 269-5170 or our Toll-Free number (888) 618-6040. Note: Technical Support Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST.

Our technical team will walkthrough home solutions to see if these issues can be solved, however, if the issue is not able to be resolved we’ll be happy to start an RMA (return merchandise authorization) to have your issue fixed in-house. 


3.) RMA Case Opened!

Our technical support team will now open an RMA case specifically for your system to have your system returned back to our warehouse located in City of Industry, CA. They will recommend either a return for a Repair or a Parts Swap depending on your situation.

RMA Process Options:

We do offer 2 kinds of RMA part swaps, a Normal (regular) Part Swap and an Advance Part Swap.

Normal Part Swaps involve you taking the defective part that was determined to be the cause of your problems out of the PC and packaging it up, and shipping it back to us. Once we do receive the part in our warehouse, our RMA team will process the part, confirm it arrived with no prior damage, and will start the task of getting your new part shipped back out to you as soon as possible.

More Info

If you wish not to wait and would like a replacement part ASAP, then we do suggest going with the Advance Part Swap option. This option involves you paying for the new replacement part first. We will send you an email asking for your payment information.

Once we do receive your payment, we will approve it and get the new replacement part out as soon as possible. You can send your defective part back to us at any time you wish. Once we do get it back, our RMA team will process the part, confirm it arrived with no prior damage, and will start the task of getting your refund back to you as soon as possible.

Note: We highly suggest for the customer to not do a part swap for the motherboard or the CPU since it involves the most delicate parts of the PC. If a customer does continue with doing the parts swap of either of those parts, then the customer accepts any and all responsibility if the parts are damaged during the swap process of said parts.

Shipping to Us

The Repair option does involve the customer packaging the computer, and taking it to the local FedEx facility so it can be shipped back to our warehouse. Once your system arrives back at our warehouse, our receiving team will process the system, and get it over to the tech department. It will then be placed in a queue system for our technicians to work on.

Once it’s time for your system to get worked on, our technicians will run the system to see if the problem can be replicated and find which component is causing the issue. All defective parts will be replaced and ran through another stress test to ensure the system works before leaving the department. Once given the okay from our technicians, the PC will be repackaged and enter our shipping dock where it awaits the journey back to you.

For any components or systems that are going to be sent back to our warehouse, we suggest that you make sure it is securely packaged. For repairs on the computer, we do suggest using the original box and foam that the computer arrived in.

If you no longer have the original shipping boxes, we highly recommend purchasing a shipping box and foam. Make sure the system is secure enough that the PC will not shake violently around inside the box, which can lead to damage to the system. We also do not suggest U.S. based customers to use USPS to ship the system back to us. (APO/FPO do not apply)

Recommended: We highly recommend purchasing the 3 Year Standard Warranty + 1 Year Return Ground Shipping Coverage which will cover the cost of returning the system to our repair center located in the City of Industry, CA. If this warranty is not purchased, then it will be your responsibility to pay for sending the system to our repair center. For those local to the Los Angeles area and who would like to drop off the system please review this option with our tech team. Note: FPO / APO do not apply.

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