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The Scale Mesh – The Perfect Case for your Starter PC

The Scale Mesh is the perfect PC case for your starter PC. Optimized for fast assembly, easy cable management, and a high degree of compatibility with a wide variety of PC parts, this case has the gaming PC enthusiast in mind. 


Accessible PC Building 

Our latest case is a starter-friendly chassis that delivers tool-less panels on all 4 case sides for quick access to components, and ample clearance that allows for compatibility with up to 360mm AIO liquid coolers, graphic cards, and high-end components. 


Built for Expansion

The Scale case comes equipped with snap-in 2.5” trays for quick and painless installation of SSDs, a USB Type-C port on top of the case for fast data transfer and charging support, as well as four included RGB fans, and mesh front panels for superior cooling


Buy it Today

iBUYPOWER Scale Mesh Case $85.00

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