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VALORANT Agent Deep Dive: Sova

VALORANT Agent Deep Dive: Sova

In VALORANT, Sova is a warrior from the frosty expanse of Russia who merges ancient archery techniques with cutting-edge Radianite technology. Agent Sova’s prowess with the bow is unmatched, and his strategic insight makes him an invaluable asset to any team.


With Sova’s keen senses and unparalleled expertise, no foe evades his sight for long. As an initiator, he illuminates enemy positions with recon bolts and employs various tactics to secure his team the tactical advantage.


While much of Sova’s past remains mysterious, snippets of his journey suggest encounters with otherworldly phenomena potentially tied to his military background. Losing his eye in service underscores the sacrifices he’s made to defend his Earth.


Agent Sova’s keen eyesight and mastery of reconnaissance tools make him a formidable adversary in combat. His custom bow and array of scouting abilities enable him to track, locate, and neutralize enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of victory.


Shock Bolt

Sova’s shock bolt can potentially turn the tide of any VALORANT battle. When equipped, it transforms his bow into a conduit of destruction, launching a charged bolt forward that detonates upon impact, dealing damage to anyone nearby.


One of the shock bolt’s key features is its adaptability. Holding the fire button, Sova can extend the projectile’s range, reaching distant foes with deadly accuracy. The alternate fire option allows him to imbue the arrow with the ability to bounce so it can avoid obstacles and reach hidden adversaries.


The best times to use shock bolts are:


  • When enemies are behind cover to gain a tactical advantage 
  • Foes clustered together
  • As a surprise attack


However, there’s a slight delay between firing the bolt and its detonation. This delay allows opponents to evade the explosion. Sova must anticipate enemy movements and strategically position the shock bolt for maximum impact.

Recon Bolt

Sova’s Recon Bolt allows him to gather crucial intelligence and gain the upper hand. When equipped, Sova’s bow is a conduit for launching a recon bolt, a specialized arrow designed to reveal the location of nearby enemies upon impact. It activates upon collision, emitting a pulse, exposing any foes within its line of sight. The Recon Bolt not only provides real-time information about enemy positions but also helps Sova and his team anticipate enemy movements.


To maximize the Recon Bolt in VALORANT, Sova can hold the fire button to extend the range of the projectile and utilize the alternate fire option to add up to two bounces to the arrow. 


The best tip for effectively using the Recon Bolt is to learn the optimal spots to deploy them on each map through practice and experimentation.

Owl Drone

Sova’s Owl Drone allows him to control its movement, granting him a bird’ s-eye view of the battlefield. As Sova pilots the drone, he can scout ahead and identify enemy locations within its line of sight. Agent Sova can also fire a marking dart from the drone, which reveals an enemy’s location when they’re hit for a duration of 5 seconds.


Use Owl Drone for:


  • Gathering intelligence and coordinating maneuvers 
  • Scouting dangerous areas for potential threats 
  • Conducting preemptive strikes and coordinated pushes with tracking darts 


Enemies can destroy the Owl Drone, so deploy it strategically to minimize the risk of detection and destruction. Even if the drone is destroyed, its reconnaissance capabilities can still provide valuable information to Sova and his team.

Hunter’s Fury

Sova’s ultimate VALORANT ability, Hunter’s Fury, allows him to unleash a barrage of three long-range wall-piercing energy blasts from his bow. When activated, Sova releases an energy blast in a straight line before him, damaging any enemy caught in its path and revealing their location.


Hunter’s Fury can penetrate walls, making it ideal for clearing out tight spaces or denying areas to the enemy. It allows Sova to target enemies hiding behind cover or lurking in hard-to-reach locations. 


Hunter’s Fury can be re-used up to two more times while the ability timer is active for multiple opportunities to unleash its devastating power on his enemies. This flexibility allows Sova to adapt his strategy on the fly and respond to changing battlefield conditions, maximizing the effectiveness of his ultimate ability. In addition to dealing damage, Hunter’s Fury reveals the location of enemies caught in its line of fire, making it easier to coordinate attacks and eliminate threats. 


Consider saving Hunter’s Fury for critical moments, such as rush defenses or attacks, where its wall-piercing capability and damage output can turn the tide of battle. Additionally, using Hunter’s Fury with Recon Bolt can help players line up their shots better, increasing their chances of securing eliminations.

Best VALORANT Maps to Play Sova

If you’re playing any of the following VALORANT maps, Sova is the best choice for your team:

  • Breeze
  • Icebox
  • Haven
  • Ascent

Best VALORANT Team Comps for Sova

On different VALORANT maps, Sova’s abilities and playstyle complement various team compositions. Based on the best maps to play Sova, here are the best team compositions for those maps:


  • Breeze: Team Sova up with KAY/O and Jett. The expansive spaces on Breeze mean having Sova for reconnaissance, KAY/O for utility denial, and Jett for mobility and aggressive plays, creating a team capable of controlling and dominating large areas of the map.
  • Icebox: Team Sova up with Viper, Sage, Chamber, and Killjoy. Icebox’s layout doesn’t require a duelist, favoring more utility-focused compositions. Sova’s recon abilities with Sage’s crowd control, Viper’s area denial, Chamber’s zoning potential, and Killjoy’s defensive capabilities create a versatile team.
  • Haven: Pair Sova with Breach, Astra, Killjoy, and Jett. Haven’s three-site layout benefits from a team that can control different areas effectively. Sova provides reconnaissance and information gathering, while Breach and Astra offer crowd control and utility. Killjoy’s defensive tools secure sites, and Jett adds mobility and aggressive potential.
  • Ascent: Pair Sova with KAY/O and Killjoy. Ascent’s mid-focused gameplay benefits from a combination of map control and aggressive plays. Sova’s recon abilities provide valuable information, while KAY/O’s utility denial and Killjoy’s defensive capabilities help control critical areas of the map for opportunities to have aggressive pushes and site takes.


Sova primarily focuses on surveillance and gathering information about enemy positions so his team can execute coordinated strategies. His ability to control large areas of the map makes him valuable offensively and defensively. 

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