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Sylvia Keller

Car-Board: Here’s What You Missed From our First Keyboard Meetup!

iBUYPOWER hosted their first annual Car-Board Meetup, a custom keyboard event surrounded by European car enthusiasts at Big SOCAL EURO, last Sunday. You might think that’s a strange combination, but we think cars and keebs go hand-in-hand!

What You Missed: LOTS of cool Keyboards

Apiary and AndyVNguyen came out as guests who co-hosted the event with us to give prizes away for our favorite keyboards of course—and everyone else’s too! 😉

It was awesome seeing so many people show up with custom boards from all over – we had guests that came from across the country, and down the street.

We also had prototype boards make first-time appearances! The Ginkgo65 and Ellora65 got a chance to take the spotlight in the middle of the show, to adoring reception.

Typing Race!

Then, some serious competition ensued during our typing speed contest, which just goes to prove how skilled the community is in both building and typing on their boards! There was real tension in the tent; almost more than the drag races taking place around us!


HYTE Joins the Party!

To keep the DIY spirit alive, we also took time to introduce event-goers and newbies alike to our newest sister brand, HYTE. Plenty of TShirts and Desk Pads were handed out for all who came out in support! The grand prize winner of our typing contest also walked away with a REVOLT 3 ITX case as their reward – congratulations on your big win! 🙂

Wrapping Up

Thanks again to everyone that made this year’s community meetup such a massive success; we had a blast, and it was great seeing you there!

If you missed this event, but don’t want to miss out on future community events, we got you! Follow us on social media and join our discord for news and updates on what we’re doing next. See you soon!



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