Ready to RIP with your Gaming PC, Dead Beats? The Mori Calliope Limited Edition HYTE Y40 Case and Accessories Bundle now comes as a jam-packed, killer-performance PC that's approved by the rockstar shinigami herself. Claim dibs and collect your one-of-a-kind Mori Calliope RDY offered in extremely limited quanities by hitting that 'Notify Me' button quick! GUH.

All Mori Calliope RDY Gaming PCs include the Multi-Piece Limited Edition, bundle-exclusive accessories from the HYTE Y40 Case Bundle, including:

  1. Limited Edition Mori Calliope Y40 PC Case
  2. Motoaki Tanigo + iBUYPOWER Executive Signature Certificate of Authenticity
  3. Exclusive ”Death-Sensei” Resin Keycap by Dwarf Factory
  4. 2-pc Mori Calliope themed ”Enter” (2.25u) and ”Spacebar” (6.25u) Dye Sublimated PBT Keycap Kit
  5. ”Ricky” Enamel Scythe Keychain & Death-Sensei Charm
  6. Mori Calliope Chibi Edition Acrylic Keychain #callichibi
  7. Enamel Microphone Stand Pin
  8. Exclusive Mori Calliope Sticker Sheet
  9. 60cm x 45cm Limited Edition Mori Calliope Wall Scroll
  10. 800x380mm Mori Calliope Deskpad
  11. Black/Pink Color-matched PC Cable Sleeves (24 Pin MB, 8 Pin CPU, 6+2 Pin VGA x 2, 12VHPWR)
  12. Limited Edition Accessorry Box
  13. Limited Edition PC Case Packaging

Recipients may opt-in for email notifications on an early-access availability date to give everyone a fair roll at these extremely limited systems down below! ”Notify me” will begin from June 29th, 2023. General purchase date for those who did not opt-in will be announced later! Limited to North America only.

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