High-Performance Cooling

DeepCool was founded with the mission of providing high-performance PC hardware and thermal solutions for enthusiasts across the world. Headquartered in Beijing with manufacturing facilities in Huizhou, DeepCool has the vision of leading technology, innovative design, and exceptional quality.
With customers and a distribution network in over 70 countries worldwide, DeepCool is committed towards maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. From cooling solutions, to cases, power supplies and accessories, DeepCool continues to expand its portfolio of products that empower gamers and enthusiasts to build better systems to meet the rapid paces of technology.

High-Performance Cooling for High-Performance Hardware

Builds featuring the LT, LS, and Castle series of liquid CPU coolers from DeepCool can expect maximum cooling performance paired with low-noise efficiency, making DeepCool a strong choice for both gamers and professionals.

4th Generation Pump Design

Both the LT and LS series feature DeepCool’s new 4th Generation high-performance water pump that maximizes cooling performance featuring:

Improved microchannel design ensures optimal coolant flow.

Powerful three-phase drive motor up to 3100 RPM.

Thick solid copper base with a seamless match.

Compact, Efficient, and Powerful

DeepCool liquid CPU coolers are designed to be as compact as possible, leaving a minimal footprint while sustaining maximum cooling potential and feature:

The split dual-chamber design is optimized to ensure a higher flow rate with a reduction in resistance and energy loss.

A powerful pump motor effectively moves coolant to transfer heat away from the CPU for better overall performance while staying effectively quiet.