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iBUYPOWER & HYTE are proud to present its newest creator program! We're here to rewrite the meta and give you something fresh; a push to becoming a full-time creator or just some extra support – we want you to Grow With Us.




We're not like the other folks — we'll keep the ads fresh, short, and non-invasive on your stream (and pay you every time someone sees it!)


They’ll appear only once every 45 minutes. They’ll last for no longer than 30 seconds.


A customized link will auto-post in your chat every time the ad plays. Insert iBP and HYTE rotating overlays that you can squeeze in a corner of your stream.

Check out one of our pilot testers to see what it looks like! – HERE


Grow With Us

Here’s what we have to offer:




For new creators looking to get their first opportunity:

3 month commitment

Welcome Kit

Free merchandise, thanks for joining!

Giveaways and Industry Freebies

Free hardware and other cool stuff for all creators, no rerolling here.

First Dibs

Get early access to limited edition products.

Workshops in our private Discord

No, we won’t charge you $180 on how to be a “better” streamer, just free knowledge on how to make more as one.

% Commission Kickback

Have your fans support your journey with a kickback on every product sold using a unique affiliate link! Headset sponsorship at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more details?

What is this?

Grow With Us is a program meant to empower content creators to continue streaming and earn additional income as well as special iBP & HYTE creator exclusive giveaways!

Why join us?

Our program was built from the ground up by smaller streamers who were bombarded with exploitative offers and wanted to come up with a new solution. Transparency is a big deal to us; we bring a fair and non-intrusive opportunity to the table whilst allowing you to only focus on what you love.

How do I apply?

Click the link below–once you’ve completed the form, we will manually vet each candidate and contact you if we feel you are a right fit.

So, what’s the catch?

At the moment, the program is only limited to creators using Twitch and space is quite limited. We are working hard to expand our program into all forms of content creation!

Anyone can join?

Yep! We love creators of all sizes and built our program structure to specifically benefit those that are just starting out. Multiple factors will decide how one of our staff will select your starting tier–as the name goes, there is always room for you to Grow With Us into the next tier!

What about becoming a Partner?

At the moment, we do not have open applications for long-term partnerships with creators beyond this program. If you think you are a good fit, fill out an application below!

Grow with us today!