About Kripp

Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan is the overlord and seeker of all the cards. Kripp comes up with the biggest “5head” strategies when it comes to Hearthstone and it doesn’t stop there.

Kripp began his streaming career streaming the classic MMO World of Warcraft. Leading his guide through some of the hardest raids and coming out as one of the top DPS classes within the game.

As he cleared the depths of hell while wandering through the nephalem in Diablo III, Kripps sat down in the cavern to try out some hands in Hearthstone. By 2013, Kripp began beating all the smol IQ players who dare challenge him. Growing to a top tier Hearthstone player, he now entertains his community while theory-crafting his newest strategy.

Joining the iBUYPOWER Family back in 2018, Kripparrian now “5head” his components on the best of the best PCs from iBUYPOWER.

NameOctavian Morosan
DOBJune 30
Main Gaming TitleHearthstone