About Emongg:

Jeff “Emongg” Anderson started his career clicking heads professionally on CS:GO. When Overwatch went into beta, he was instantly hooked and is now entertaining his community with OP OW plays.

Emongg later transitioned to playing competitive Overwatch with Selfless Gaming. As his competitive career grew and grew, he later found the want to entertain his viewers on stream with his top tier play.

With the itch to stream more often for his viewers, Emongg decided to take a step back from the Overwatch competitive scene to begin his career as a full-time variety streamer. In 2019, iBUYPOWER and Emongg joined forces to sport one of our Snowblind Signature PC.

NameJeff Anderson
DOBJuly 20
TeamSF Shock
Main Gaming TitleOverwatch
ada bot