Edward "BTMC" Ling is well known within the rhythm game "osu!" as one of it's largest content creators both on YouTube and Twitch. After joining the game in 2013, what started as a casual game to pass the time eventually turned into a competitive grind to become one of the best. BTMC is no stranger to eSports. After reaching the top 100 in 2018, he set his sights towards the osu! World Cup; the largest official tournament within the game. After years of competition, he helped the United States become OWC Champions in 2020. Surprisingly enough, most people tend to recognize BTMC more for his high energy and charisma rather than professional level gameplay. Some even forget he's a top player at all since most of the time he's a professional bonehead more than anything, but make no mistake; his skills within the game are rivaled only by the best, and he won't stop until his competition is destoryed.

NameEdward Ling
DOBJune 26
Main Gaming TitleOSU!
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