ibuypower christmas commitment
Michelle Ngo

iBUYPOWER Christmas Commitment

You’ve placed your order days or weeks ago but still have not seen your order shipped. Fear not! Your order is still on track and iBUYPOWER is committed to getting your order shipped in time for Christmas, as we will be doing everything in our power to have your order shipped and delivered in time.

For more information on our Christmas Commitment and exclusions, visit our page here: https://ibuypower.com/holiday-shipping-deadlines

There is no need to contact us if your order has not moved

Where is your order at? https://www.ibuypower.com/support/order-status

To help you better understand each status, we have included a breakdown of each status below.


Your order is processing as normal. During the holiday season, we receive a large number of orders over a short amount of time. We do our best to handle them in first-in, first-out order. Your order will be charged and moved ahead once we have the capacity to build it. We want to minimize the amount of time we hold on to your money.

Parts Gathering

It looks like your order is with our inventory team and we have started gathering the parts to begin your build. If there is anything that is out of stock or short-ordered that may delay your order, we will reach out to you with a solution and get your order back underway. If your order has completed parts gathering, we are just waiting for someone to be able to build your PC.


Your computer is currently being built. This can sometimes be delayed if there was a problem with the system Posting or another type of compatibility issue.

QC/ Burn-In

This can sometimes be delayed if there was a problem with the system maintaining stability or not passing our stress testing. We also have a limited amount of space to perform our stress test due to the time it can take to perform these tests. Sometimes a build can spend some time waiting to go through this step as it waits for an open station to go through this phase.

As always, our helpful Customer Service Agents are available to help here, but there may be a delay in reaching us due to the high volume of contacts at this time. You can reach our Customer Service here: https://www.ibuypower.com/support/contact-us


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