building a customers amd gaming pc
Michelle Ngo

Building a Customer’s AMD Gaming PC

Last week, we decided to choose one customer’s order to build LIVE on our weekly Twitch stream. This user, who we’ll name Peepo for anonymity, used our PC Builder tool to create their own custom AMD gaming PC. Using our Custom PC Builder is simple. First, pick from a range of AMD configurations that vary in processor strength and price. From there, you can customize everything else from the GPU to the case to the RGB lighting! You choose your parts, and we handle the rest! Here, we’ll be breaking down and highlighting the key features in Peepo’s custom gaming PC.

Customer’s Specifications

CPU/Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 Series 5600G

GPU/Graphics Card: MSI Radeon RX 6700XT

PC Case: iBUYPOWER Slate 6 MR Mid-Tower Case

CPU Cooler: Deepcool Castle 120EX Liquid Cooler

Memory: ADATA XPG Spectrix D50 DDR4 RGB (16 GB total)

Motherboard: ASUS Prime B550-PLUS

Storage: 1TB WD-Blue SN570 PCIE NVME SSD

Operating System: Windows 11 Home Advanced

A Closer Look at the Build

Looking at the spec. list, we can already assume that Peepo is looking to do some serious gaming on this rig. Featuring a processor from AMD’s Ryzen 5000G series, this desktop is set with the computing performance that changes the game. This CPU is equipped with breakthrough technology, such as “Zen 3” architecture, Precision Boost 2, and Precision Boost Overload, that works together to maximize your computer’s performance and speeds. This CPU also features built-in graphics that allows 1080p gaming right out of the box!

However, Peepo has chosen to boost the gaming performance by pairing this CPU with the Radeon RX 6700XT. Boasting its new AMD Infinity Cache technology and AMD RDNA 2 architecture, this graphics card is engineered with the gamer in mind. The RX 6700XT allows gamers to play with high FPS at 1440p Max Settings across popular titles. With the speed, efficiency, and vivid visuals created by this AMD-powered CPU/GPU duo, Peepo is ensured success on any game.

Check out the Stream!

Want to watch the full build stream? Check out the VOD.

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