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Guide to Gaming Peripherals to Increase Play

Guide to Gaming Peripherals to Increase Play

PC gaming involves more than just a powerful CPU or top-of-the-line graphics card. Any gamer looking to improve their setup for the best gameplay and comfort should consider researching gaming peripherals

Beyond keyboards and mice, gaming peripherals encompass various devices designed to enhance specific aspects of gameplay. From immersive audio experiences to responsive controllers and visually stunning monitors, these accessories have the power to transform the way you play.

What are gaming peripherals for a computer?

Gaming peripherals are external hardware that interact with the PC or gaming console. Unlike essential internal components such as the CPU, GPU, or motherboard, these PC gaming accessories are additional components that connect to the gaming system so gamers can interact with the virtual world and control their characters.

Gaming peripherals specifically have extra features to help gamers with their gameplay, whether shortcuts or physical design choices made for the user’s comfort. Some accessories allow users to customize lighting, adding ambiance and enhancing the gaming experience. They are optional for a good gaming experience but can provide unique advantages and customization options.

What accessories do I need for PC gaming?

When it comes to a gaming PC (or any PC), there are three main peripherals:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor

Other peripherals you’ll need for your gaming setup include speakers, a headset, and possibly a microphone and a webcam if you plan on streaming.

Wired or Wireless Gaming Peripherals?

The choice between wired and wireless peripherals hinges on personal preference. Wired peripherals are reliable and cost less while drawing power directly from the connected device and eliminating the need for recharging. However, they come with the downside of cable management, potentially resulting in clutter and limiting the user’s mobility due to the physical connection. 

Wireless peripherals offer a clean aesthetic by eliminating visible cables for a more organized gaming setup. The freedom of movement they provide, especially with wireless headsets and controllers, is notable for anyone valuing flexibility. Despite historical concerns about response times and battery life, wireless and battery technology advancements have largely mitigated these issues. While wireless peripherals tend to be pricier and may require more frequent charging, the decision ultimately rests on individual priorities, cost, or aesthetics.

Which are the best PC gaming peripherals?

While shopping for the best peripherals to fulfill your gaming needs, here are some of the best ones and considerations to remember for each peripheral.


Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combo

In terms of affordability, purchasing combos such as the iBUYPOWER Chimera KM7 RGB Keyboard + Mouse Combo is perfect for gamers on a budget or newer gamers still figuring out what peripherals are the best for them.

iBUYPOWER Chimera KM7 RGB Keyboard + Mouse Combo

PRICE: $35

The iBUYPOWER Chimera KM7 RGB Keyboard + Mouse Combo combines functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. This gaming peripheral’s 104-key layout with membrane switches ensures a quieter typing experience, while the RGB backlighting on the keyboard and mouse allows for customizable lighting. The accompanying mouse features seven buttons, offering versatility and programmable functions for more control during gaming. Wired connections for the keyboard and mouse ensure stability and responsiveness. The keyboard and mouse’s compact and ergonomic design provide comfort during extended sessions. 


Gaming Mouse

One important gaming peripheral is a gaming mouse, which comes in all sizes and has various features. Gaming mice may boast features like RGB lighting, while others are made for fast-paced games and feature lightweight constructions. When shopping for a gaming mouse, focus on essentials like ergonomic design and a high DPI sensor for accuracy, especially for precision in-game movements.

Some great gaming mice include the CORSAIR HARPOON RGB PRO FPS/MOBA Wired Gaming Mouse and Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse.


PRICE: $29

The CORSAIR HARPOON RGB PRO FPS/MOBA Wired Gaming Mouse excels in precision, durability, and customization, making it perfect for FPS and MOBA gamers. This mouse features a comfortable contoured shape with rubber side grips and a powerful 12,000 DPI optical sensor (PMW3327) for precise and comfortable gameplay. The high-performance Omron switches contribute to the mouse’s lasting durability. It has six programmable buttons, so users can tailor the mouse to their gaming preferences, along with onboard memory, allowing for personalized settings even on different devices. 


Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse


The Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse’s exceptional cutting-edge technology, lightweight design, and customizable features cater to professional gamers and enthusiasts. It is crafted specifically for pro gamers, providing an agile and responsive tool for competitive play. Utilizing LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology ensures a swift and lag-free connection, with a USB report rate of 1000Hz for instantaneous responsiveness. The G PRO boasts a highly versatile DPI range from 100 to an impressive 25,600 DPI. With eight programmable buttons, the mouse is easily customized for gaming preferences. 


Gaming Keyboard

There are lots of options when it comes to gaming keyboards. While many keyboards on the market may dazzle with vibrant lights and stylish designs, it is vital to focus on functionality, particularly when deciding between membrane (everyday, average keyboard) and mechanical keyboards.

Unlike membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards feature a separate switch for each key. There are two primary styles of mechanical key switches: linear and tactile. Linear switches offer a smooth keystroke throughout the key travel, requiring the key to be fully pressed to register. This feature makes linear switches ideal for gaming scenarios where quick and precise inputs are crucial. Tactile switches provide a distinct click halfway down the keystroke, registering the keypress without a full press, and are popular for typing. When selecting a mechanical keyboard, the type of switch is a critical consideration, with the Cherry MX switches being the most common in gaming keyboards. 

Other advantages of mechanical keyboards include:

  • Audible feedback
  • Faster key presses
  • Durability and reliability
  • Stability is perfect for long gaming session

When choosing a gaming keyboard, prioritize mechanical keyboards with the switch type that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a reliable, responsive, and durable tool for your gaming adventures. A couple of gaming keyboards that are perfect for long gaming nights are the iBUYPOWER MEK 3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the ASUS TUF Gaming K3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

iBUYPOWER MEK 3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

PRICE: $39

The iBUYPOWER MEK 3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard combines precision, durability, and user comfort with features like Blue Mechanical Switches, a key life of 50 million clicks, a magnetic and detachable palm rest, and an aluminum top surface. The keyboard features a dedicated knob and media controls to effortlessly adjust settings and manage multimedia functions.


ASUS TUF Gaming K3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

PRICE: $65

The ASUS TUF Gaming K3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a reliable and visually striking choice for gamers seeking a mechanical keyboard featuring enhanced durability, responsiveness, and customization. With Red Mechanical Switches, a 50-million-keystroke lifespan, and individually backlit keys, the keyboard is a customizable, durable gaming peripheral ideal for long gaming sessions. This keyboard is managed through the Armoury Crate software, offers style, functionality, and performance.



Choosing the right gaming PC monitor involves considering the refresh rate, resolution, and viewing angle. 

  • Refresh rate is how many times the monitor updates the image per second, with a standard rate of 60Hz, but competitive gaming often benefits from higher rates like 144Hz.
  • Resolution is the number of pixels on the screen, with higher values yielding clearer images. The standard is 1920×1080, but 4K (3840 x 2160) offers four times the pixels for enhanced detail.
  • Viewing angle is how far you can watch the monitor at an angle without experiencing distortion in color or brightness. IPS displays are preferred for superior viewing angles, while TN displays might have slightly reduced angles. 

The key is to choose a monitor that provides a seamless gaming experience without glitches, heating issues, poor lighting, or screen tearing, such as the MSI OPTIX G321CUV or the ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1R. 

MSI OPTIX G321CUV Gaming Monitor [3849×2160]

PRICE: $315

The MSI OPTIX G321CUV Gaming Monitor delivers a visually stunning and comfortable gaming experience with its 4K resolution, HDR support, anti-flicker technology, frameless design, and other advanced features. Whether used for gaming, content creation, or entertainment, this monitor is equipped to provide a high-quality and immersive display. The keyboard is designed for user comfort so gamers can have extended gaming sessions without distractions, eye strain, or fatigue.


ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1R Monitor [1920×1080]

PRICE: $159

The ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1R Monitor is tailored for professional gamers seeking a responsive, tear-free, and visually immersive gaming experience with its advanced technologies and thoughtful design. The generous 27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen meets the demands of professional gamers with an ultrafast 144Hz refresh rate for smooth and fluid visuals during intense gaming sessions. The ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB™) technology, paired with Adaptive-sync technology, enables a rapid 1ms response time. 


Where can I get gaming peripherals?

A wide selection of PC gaming peripherals and other PC gaming accessories are available from iBUYPOWER. Whether you are searching for a comfy gaming chair or a gaming mouse, iBUYPOWER has plenty of options. 

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