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6 Tips When Buying Refurbished Electronics 2022 | iBUYPOWER®

6 Tips When Shopping For Refurbished Electronics

When purchasing a gaming computer, the topic of cost vs power always comes up. Do you want a powerful beast of a machine at the cost of an arm and leg? Or do you want to save cash and sacrifice power for a cost-efficient option? Imagine if there was a situation where you could find a happy medium and purchase a powerful budget-friendly machine. Refurbished electronics are the answer you have been looking for.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished electronics are previously used electronics that have been inspected, cleaned, repaired, and are ready to be resold back to the consumer. At iBUYPOWER our refurbished products are repaired and ready to provide great performance for less. Refurbished purchases are also backed by a 14-day return policy and a 90-day warranty.

Refurbished vs Reconditioned vs Open Box

When going into the world of pre-owned electronics several terms are interchangeably used but have vastly different definitions. Open box, refurbished, and reconditioned are some of the various terms used to describe the condition. Open box means that the product was used by the customer previously, this means testing or repairing may not have been done to the product before reselling. A refurbished product is an open box item that is repaired and confirmed to be in full working order. Reconditioned product usually denotes that the product was sent back to the factory and a full workup, repair, and extensive testing were done on the product.

Refurbished Electronics

Refurbished electronics are open box items that are repaired and ready for reuse with possible cosmetic blemishes. Although they may have scuffs or scratches, these items perform up to the standard of lightly used to almost new. When an item is refurbished, it also comes with a warranty to protect the consumer against unlikely complications.

Reconditioned Electronics

Reconditioned items usually come directly from the manufacturer. Because of this the highest standards in repair and testing often apply to reconditioned electronics. Since it comes from the manufacturer directly the warranty may differ from other retailers and their policies. Take care when purchasing non-factory reconditioned products, they may not use original manufacturer parts and are subject to different standards.

 Open Box Electronics

Open box electronics are ones that are previously used but may not guarantee extensive testing has been done in regards to quality. With the other options, the items have been repaired and extensively tested. An open box item is promised to work, but the quality of the product is “as-is” and often does not have the safety of a warranty. This offers the cheapest option but at the highest risk.

Who performs the refurb?

At iBUYPOWER our team of inspectors conduct the refurbishment on site. We repair, test, and confirm our items are in working order and ready for resale. This team consists of some of the members who assemble the gaming pcs originally, so you know your product is in the hands of an experienced professional. First, we run diagnostics to see if any parts need repair or replacement. After all broken parts are replaced then we test the product to confirm that its performance is up to standard working order. Lastly, we prep and package the components and machines to be sold. Our thorough refurbishment process ensures quality performance for less.

Do Refurbished Electronics Come With All the Parts?

Refurbished electronics sometimes do not come with all parts. When the items are returned, instruction manuals, promotional materials, etc. are often among the missing items. iBUYPOWER refurbished products will have all the necessary items required for operation. If we need to replace components, they will be with ones that are equal to the original parts. Whether our refurbished electronics come with all original parts, or if they have some components swapped out, they will provide the performance you expect from iBUYPOWER.

Do I Still Get a Product Warranty With Refurbished Items?

Yes, iBUYPOWER refurbished products come with a warranty to protect your purchase in the unlikely event of a complication with your product. First, we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. Second, on top of that guarantee, we also provide a 90-day refurbished warranty, which covers 90-day labor and 90-day parts. This is different from a manufacturer warranty, which would require the products to be shipped back to them. With our warranty, the repairs and services would be in-house, which could potentially be quicker for the customer in the event that it needs to be repaired. For the full details check out our warranty page.

iBUYPOWER’s Refurbished Products

Whether you’re in the market for a refurbished computer or GPU we have plenty of options to fit your needs. Currently, our refurbished stock includes desktops, laptops, and GPUs. We have a few options available for prebuilt systems, we have a handful of laptop deals, and we also have various GPUs in stock to add to your build. For a limited time, we have a discount of $50 off on refurbished laptops, so if you’re looking for an even better deal look no further. We have limited stock, so check back often to see if we added any items to our inventory.

Refurbished Gaming PCs and Desktops

We have a curated list of refurbished gaming pcs options. These options both provide power at a discounted price. One of our more popular refurbished desktop options is the Slate 6 Mesh Refurb Unit 1, which sports an i5 processor, 16 GB ram, RTX 2080 GPU, 500GB SSD, and a 1 terabyte HDD. This build is discounted 60% from the original cost and can now be yours for $949. The components in the build have all been repaired, tested, and confirmed to provide the performance you need. If you are still hesitant to buy this package you can buy something similar on our easy builder, but you won’t get the same great price.

Refurbished Gaming Laptops

Our refurbished inventory also includes gaming laptops. We have a variety of different builds and configurations, from laptops with 3050s all the way to options with 3080s. One of our options, the ASUS TUF Gaming F17 FX707ZM Gaming Laptop [Refurb Unit 2], truly illustrates the great deals you can find. An i7 processor, 16GB DDR5 Ram, 3060, and 2 TB SDD all for $1619. We are discounting refurbished gaming laptops an additional $50 off for a limited time, act fast and secure this deal today.

Refurbished Gaming Components

Not only do we sell refurbished desktops and laptops, but we couldn’t help ourselves and offer refurbished GPUs. If you are looking to boost your computer’s graphical capability but don’t want it to hurt your wallet, check out our component section. We have 1660 Tis, 2060s, 2070s, 2080s, and 3070s. These cards are tested and ready to give you the performance boost you have been looking for at a fraction of the cost. As of now our current selection of refurbished components only contains GPUs, but check back often to see what we add to our list of deals.

Shop Refurbished Electronics Today!

When in the market for preowned electronics make sure to purchase from companies you can trust. Although you can save a great deal of money, you must be vigilant when looking at the warranty and return policy. Luckily, with iBUYPOWER our refurbished gaming pcs and components have been repaired and are backed with a warranty. You can rest assured that our products will provide you with great performance for less!

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