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Michelle Ngo

Intel 13th Gen CPUs: What You Need to Know

Discover processors that go beyond performance. Intel has finally released its 13th-generation core desktop processors, and we’re excited to learn more about them! Featuring their latest version of performance hybrid architecture, this is deemed THE processor for the modern gamer. With industry-leading features that are powered by the newest technology from Intel, it’s hard to figure out where to start.

Q&A with our Lab Specialist

To celebrate the launch of Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs, we’ve brought out our lab specialist, Brad, to help answer some of your burning questions.

Q: When is Intel’s 13th Gen coming out?

October 20th at 6AM!

Q: What are key features that set the 13th Gen chips apart from previous generations?

Besides a significantly higher top-end frequency, 13th gen K processors feature a much larger L2 cache which combined should give a sizeable performance boost.

Q: Will Intel 13th Gen use LGA 1700?

Yes, the 13th gen is drop-in compatible with previous LGA 1700 motherboards, however, most will need a BIOS update to support the newer CPUs.

Q: What chip socket will Intel 13th Gen use?

The new chipset to support 13th Gen is Z790, however, the previous generation 600 series boards will be compatible as well.

Q: Will 13th Gen support DDR4?

Yes, specific motherboards will support DDR4 with 13th Gen CPUs, or users can choose to go with DDR5 for the highest performance. It is important to remember that the motherboard itself cannot use both DDR4 and DDR5, so care must be taken when choosing a platform.

Q: Are the Intel 13th Gen processors good for gaming?

Yes, the extremely high turbo clock speed on the 13th gen should give it an advantage in gaming.

Q: What is your favorite new feature of Intel’s new generation of CPUs?

The 13th gen takes the hybrid core architecture that debuted in the previous generation and makes it even better.

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