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What Kind of Hard Drive Do I Need? A Quick-Start Guide

For those buying or building a new PC, figuring out what kind of hard drives or storage you need is probably the last thing on your list. However,...

iBUYPOWER System Feature: Mindy

We spoke with Mindy, a recent customer who purchased her PC primarily for gaming. Her history with esports and competitive gaming made her a perfect...

Computers and Coffee System Feature: Q

On the latest episode of computers and coffee, we interviewed Q; a first-time PC builder that needed some powerful components to complete the work...

What CPU Do You Need? A Quick-Start Guide

The processor you select will impact the performance of your entire system. So, what CPU do you actually need?   When building a PC, selecting your...

NEW Element CL Pro

You might have seen our Element CL line of liquid-cooled PCs on our site already. Now, we are releasing our Element CL Pro line to accommodate the...

Which is better: SSD or HDD?

  SSD or HDD? What type of hard drive should you get, and why do they matter? The hard drive plays a very important role in your PC’s...

Featured PC: Lance Frisbee (Powerbang Gaming) – Computers and Coffee

For our first episode of Computers and Coffee, I sat down with Lance Frisbee (better known as Powerbang Gaming) to talk about his latest PC purchase...


What happens after you contact our customer service regarding any situation? Curious about how things are handled once your end your chat or call...

DLSS 2.0: NVIDIA Powers Gaming and Graphics with AI

NVIDIA’s new DLSS 2.0 technology is bringing artificial intelligence to the forefront of graphics processing.   What is DLSS? DLSS, or,...

How To Upgrade RAM

If you’re learning how to upgrade RAM, we have good news. RAM is arguably one of the easiest upgrades you can make in your PC. But that...

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