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Best VALORANT Team Compositions

Best VALORANT Team Compositions

When creating VALORANT teams, the map is the most important thing to consider. Each map requires different skill sets, and knowing the basics about each map and agent helps develop the best team comps for VALORANT.



Understanding the role of the agents is essential for VALORANT team composition. In VALORANT, the 23 agents fall under:

Duelist: Primary attacker who makes the kills and breaks enemy defenses to create opportunities for their team. 

Sentinel: The defender reinforces held territory by locking down critical areas of the map, providing healing support, and gathering vital intel for their team. 

Initiator: Initiate pushes for their team by providing information and employing blinding, concussing, and damaging to set up easy kills for their team. 

Controller: Strategists who shape the battlefield to protect their teammates and cut off opponents with abilities like smoke screens. 


Each agent has specific skills besides their role, making them more valuable on specific maps. 


The Best VALORANT Team Comps for Each Map 


This traditional three-lane VALORANT map favors agents who excel at navigating tight spaces, so choosing the right Agents is crucial.

If you want a winning team for Sunset, it would ideally include:

  • Duelists: Raze, Neon, ISO, or Phoenix
  • Sentinel: Cypher, Killjoy, or Chamber
  • Initiator: Skye or Fade
  • Controller: Harbor, Brimstone, Viper, Astra, or Omen

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many players favor VALORANT team comps with Neon, ISO, Cypher, Skye, and Astra.



Lotus has unique mechanics, like turning doors and breakable barriers. It demands strategic thinking and adaptability from players and emphasizes early map control and engagement. 

When choosing the best team for Lotus, the ideal agents include:

  • Duelists: Jett or Raze
  • Sentinels: Killjoy
  • Initiator: Skye, Breach, or Gekko
  • Controller: Harbor or Viper

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many players favor VALORANT team comps with a Gekko and Jett pairing.


Pearl’s multiple entryways and chokepoints necessitate off-angles and map control. Its wide mid-area leaves players vulnerable to lurkers and snipers. Pearl’s reliance on teamwork makes it less favorable to play with random teammates. 

The best team for Pearl includes:

  • Duelists: Jett, Yoru, or Neon
  • Sentinel: Killjoy, Cypher 
  • Initiator: KAY/O or Fade
  • Controller: Astra, Viper 

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many pros favor VALORANT team comps with Cypher, Astra, and Fade.



Fracture has players choose between meeting attackers head-on or fortifying defenses. The map’s design boasts labyrinthine corridors and maze-like halls that challenge players while having defenders spawn in the middle and attackers travel using ziplines. Despite this, attackers have an advantage due to numerous rush alternatives.

The ultimate team for Fracture includes:

  • Duelists: Raze or Yoru
  • Sentinel: Killjoy or Chamber
  • Initiator: Breach and Fade (Together) or Gekko 
  • Controller: Viper or Brimstone 

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many pros favor VALORANT team comps with Fade, Breach, and Brimstone.



Breeze is a tropical paradise adorned with historic ruins and seaside caves. Players navigate wide-open spaces and engage in long-range combat, making cover and vigilant flanking awareness important. It also accommodates sneaky players, with numerous access points to unleash creative strategies. 

When choosing the best team for Breeze, consider agents such as:

  • Duelists: Jett or Reyna
  • Sentinel: Chamber or Sage 
  • Initiator: Sova and KAY/O (Together)
  • Controller: Viper

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many pros favor VALORANT team comps with Sova, KAY/O, and Jett because of the large spaces on the map.



Icebox’s two plant sites demand horizontal finesse, with zip lines providing advantages for swift movement. It offers opportunities for creative strategies and vertical engagements amidst its icy terrain.

A winning team for Icebox includes:

  • Duelists: Jett (optional)
  • Sentinel: Killjoy or Chamber
  • Initiator: Sova and Sage (Together)
  • Controller: Viper 

VALORANT Comp Tip: The map layout doesn’t require a duelist, so many pros favor VALORANT team comps with Viper, Sova, Sage, Chamber, and Killjoy.



Bind has two sites and no middle ground alongside one-way teleporters. Bind allows for strategic opportunities for lurkers and mid-range corridors for snipers.

The ideal team for Bind includes:

  • Duelists: Jett, Yoru, or ISO
  • Sentinel: Killjoy, Deadlock, or Sage
  • Initiator: Skye
  • Controller: Brimstone and Astra (Together) or Omen

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many players favor VALORANT team comps, including ISO, Skye, and Brimstone.



Haven provides equal opportunities for attackers and defenders. Some players find Haven challenging due to its difficulty securing plant sites A and C, but its emphasis on map control makes it an engaging battleground overall. 

The best team for conquering Haven would be:

  • Duelists: Jett, Yoru, or ISO
  • Sentinel: Cypher or Killjoy
  • Initiator: Sova, KAY/O, or Skye
  • Controller: Omen

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many players favor VALORANT team comps pairing Jett and Yoru together.



Split is set in Tokyo’s Shinjuku region and offers a divided landscape. Its main feature is the pair of sites separated by an elevated center, accessible via two rope ascenders, facilitating rapid movement across the map. A towering structure dominates each site, which is crucial for control.

For split, the best VALORANT comps include:

  • Duelists: Raze and Jett (Together), Phoenix or ISO
  • Sentinel: Cypher and Sage (Together), Deadlock, or Killjoy
  • Initiator: Gekko
  • Controller: Omen

VALORANT Comp Tip: A good pairing for VALORANT team comps is Raze and Deadlock.



Ascent is an open playground for strategic battles, where success hinges on solid cooperation and knowing the chokehold points. Although the map emphasizes height advantage, Ascent doesn’t favor either side.

The best team for this map consists of:

  • Duelists: Jett, Reyna, Phoenix, or ISO
  • Sentinel: Sage, Killjoy, or Deadlock
  • Initiator: Sova and KAY/O (Together), or Gekko
  • Controller: Brimstone 

VALORANT Comp Tip: Many pros favor VALORANT team comps with Sova, KAY/O, and Killjoy. Another good pairing is Deadlock and Brimstone.


Experience the Best VALORANT Gameplay

Along with building up the best VALORANT team comps for each map, another vital aspect of playing the game is setting up the perfect gaming PC.


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