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Ultimate Guide to VALORANT Maps

Ultimate Guide to VALORANT Maps


Two components are paramount to VALORANT: familiarity with the agents and knowledge of the VALORANT map layouts. Whichever VALORANT maps you’re playing, strategic prowess and expertise are necessary to win. 

Whether you’re honing your skills on the streets of Bind or braving the icy terrain of Icebox, here are some tips for success on all VALORANT maps.


How Many Maps Are in VALORANT?

VALORANT has switched its maps multiple times since its release, but currently, there are ten maps. 


The Best Strategies for All VALORANT Maps



Sunset offers a dynamic mix of high-ground advantages and ground-level combat zones. Mastery requires understanding its layout, with distinct bombsites A and B. Attackers and defenders must navigate the map’s rope mechanics using spawn positions and potential flank routes.


When playing Sunset, remember:

  • Attackers must secure A Elbow to control the Spike then take control of B Main 
  • Once Spike is planted at A, defenders may find it challenging to rotate
  • Attackers can capitalize on this by holding key chokepoints and angles
  • Defenders should hold Mid to prevent attackers from freely rotating between bomb sites
  • Utilize utility to prevent late flanks and maintain control of B Boba
  • Defenders should use angles available on Bombsite B for retakes 
  • Use elevated positions to gain sightlines and control critical areas 
  • Watch out for ground-level engagements and potential flanks




Lotus blends open areas and tight spaces within an ancient temple. It emphasizes early map control and engagement, with three guarded sites and unique mechanics like turning doors. For Bombsite A, attackers should focus on entry points and post-plant positions, while defenders at Bombsite B and C Site need careful utility usage and positioning.


Additional tips for Lotus include:

  • Switches on both sides control revolving doors
  • Door icon on minimap shows enemy movements
  • Early engagement hotspots are A Rubble/A Main and C Mound
  • Lurkers can use alternative paths to backstab defenders and disrupt rotations
  • Critical map points are Hut (center), A Top accessed via rope, and A Drop
  • C Site’s elevated planting area and water-covered lower sections mean defenders must stall pushes and capitalize on audio cues. 



Pearl is a vibrant underwater city with multiple entryways and chokepoints, necessitating off-angles and map control. In this environment, attackers push into defenders across two sites. Its layout offers a balanced playing field, although the wide mid-area can leave players vulnerable to lurkers and snipers. Pearl may seem daunting, but its rigorous test of game sense makes it popular with seasoned players. 


Here are more tips for Pearl:

  • Learn the architecture of the city 
  • Exploit chokepoints and one-way angles 
  • Attackers must seize control of critical areas and orbs 
  • Early map control and predictive play are vital



Fracture forces players to meet attackers head-on or fortify defenses in a top-secret research facility. The map’s H-shape design and unorthodox mechanics boast a unique structure with labyrinthine corridors and maze-like halls. Defenders spawn in the middle, while attackers traverse the map using ziplines to reach the sides. Despite this, attackers hold an advantage due to numerous rush alternatives.


Other tips for Fracture include:

  • Abundance of entry points, chokepoints, and pathways to bombsites 
  • Design encourages aggressive playstyles with numerous entry points for attackers
  • Prioritizing map control and strategic approaches, as map’s are slow-paced, emphasizes thoughtful planning and execution.
  • Employ strategic split attacks and maintain control over critical areas



Breeze offers a tropical paradise with historic ruins and seaside caves, encouraging long-range combat and vigilant flanking. Its vast layout accommodates lurkers and sneaky players and challenges newcomers. 


Additional tips for Breeze include:

  • One-way drop doors can make or break strategies 
  • Choose agents skilled at watching and managing flanks
  • Some abilities are less effective because of long distances and open spaces
  • Long sightlines make the Operator the ideal weapon 
  • A site features three main entry points: A Cave, Hall, and Mid Wood Doors
  • Site B has only two entry points: B Main and B Tunnel



Icebox presents a frozen excavation site that blends horizontal finesse with vertical challenges. It’s one of the VALORANT maps offering opportunities for creative strategies and vertical engagements in its icy terrain.


More tips for Icebox include:

  • Key areas like ‘A Site’ and ‘B Site’ are interconnected with zip lines and narrow pathways 
  • Focus on precise movement and sharp shooting
  • Attackers must navigate open spaces and narrow choke points, making timing crucial 
  • One-way angles and unique vertical elements favor defenders setting up unexpected ambushes and control engagements



Bind often favors defenders but offers critical access points heavily influencing gameplay. With two sites and no middle ground, players must choose between left or right paths. One-way teleporters facilitate quick rotations for flanking or traps. Bind combines elements from other VALORANT maps, providing opportunities for lurkers and snipers.


Additional tips for Bind:

  • Site A accessed via alleyway (short A) or building hallway (showers)
  • Site B accessible through path along beach (long B) or marketplace and window (hookah)
  • Teleporters connect distant parts of map for repositioning or surprise attacks
  • Teleporters emit distinct sounds, revealing position
  • Players can throw projectiles, drones, and guns through teleporters
  • Attackers must breach through two entry points



Haven offers a challenging three-site layout beneath a forgotten monastery, presenting opportunities for attackers and defenders. Lower-ranked players may find securing plant sites A and C challenging despite its initial appearance favoring attackers. 


Additional tips for Haven include:

  • Site A is accessible through long A alleyway or sewers (A-short) 
  • Site B is accessible through window leading to outdoor courtyard
  • Attackers can utilize garage doors in B and C sites
  • Breach Site C  via long C alleyway, with its cubby partway for attackers to use smokes
  • Focus on quick rotations and control of central area for map dominance
  • Remember pathways such as C Long, C Garage, B Door, A Short, and A Long



Set in Tokyo’s Shinjuku region, Split features two sites separated by an elevated center, accessible via rope ascenders for rapid movement. Tight chokepoints and elevated areas favor defenders, while attackers require precise coordination and utility usage to navigate. 


Other strategies for Split include:

  • Central area provides high-ground dominance
  • Ropes at A Sewer, B Rafters, and Mid Vent allow quiet ascension and descension
  • Defenders should control key areas like Heaven and leverage narrow entry points



Ascent’s strategic gameplay unfolds across two sites, each fortified by permanent bomb doors, necessitating planning and teamwork. Verticality is crucial, offering strategic advantages for creative positioning. 


Other tips for Ascent include:

  • Utilize central courtyard for quick navigation despite lack of cover.
  • Taking advantage of closeable doors at defensive sites to control routes and defensive opportunities
  • Master area control and timing, focusing on Mid
  • Adapt to mix of long-range and close-quarters combat


Immerse Yourself in the VALORANT Map Layouts 

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