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Emerging Esports Titles and Future Trends

Emerging Esports Titles and Future Trends

The fast-paced and thrilling landscape of Esports constantly evolves, with these upcoming Esports games captivating players and spectators. As established games dominate the scene, excitement surrounds the next big thing.

Esports fans rally for an exciting 2024 with all the emerging Esports games this year. From newer titles to classics, there is something for everyone to watch in this year’s Esports titles.


Apex Legends

Apex Legends has carved out its place in the Esports arena with remarkable speed and staying power. The Apex Legends Global Series sustains the game’s momentum in the competitive scene, with its ongoing tournaments showcasing the world’s best players battling each other. 

Continuing through 2024, the future of Apex Legends Esports looks bright as it introduces new seasons, legends, and gameplay updates for fresh, engaging gameplay. The prospect of uniting console and PC players in thrilling competition further cements Apex Legends’ position as a top-tier Esports title.

While there may not yet be fully-fledged professional leagues dedicated to Apex Legends, the game’s immense popularity and competitive potential make it inevitable that the game’s ascent in the Esports world is far from over.


Dota 2

Dota 2 has blossomed into a global Esports phenomenon after dropping in 2013. With over 10 million concurrent players monthly, it has solidified its status as one of the most popular MOBA games worldwide. In April 2017, Dota 2 made waves as the top live-streamed Esports title on Twitch, temporarily overshadowing even League of Legends, amassing an impressive 32.2 million hours watched.

Central to Dota 2’s Esports prominence is its marquee event, The International. Organized and sponsored by Valve, the annual tournament boasts staggering prize pools, with contributions up to $1.6 million, drawing in elite teams from across the globe to compete.

While the MOBA genre’s intricacies may seem daunting to newcomers, the spectacle of Dota 2’s competitive scene is undeniable. The large scale of The International fosters fierce competition, making Dota 2 an exciting upcoming Esports game for 2024.


League of Legends

The game League of Legends is considered one of the top Esports titles, especially as it is the most watched and played Esports title globally. Renowned for its action-packed gameplay, League of Legends seamlessly blends role-playing games and first-person shooter genres for an exhilarating competitive experience.

In the Esports arena, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), supported by Riot Games, attracts top-tier teams worldwide with prize pools exceeding $2 million. As one of the most watched and played Esports titles, League of Legends continues to grip audiences worldwide and inspire new players to join the ranks of champions. With Riot Games’ unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, the future of League of Legends Esports promises to be as bright and thrilling as ever.



Although it hasn’t been released yet, Stormgate is poised to revolutionize the Esports landscape as an all-new real-time strategy (RTS) game challenging established paradigms set by classics like StarCraft and Age of Empires. Developed by Frost Giant Studios in Unreal Engine 5 and slated for exclusive release on PC in 2024, Stormgate promises to breathe new life into the RTS genre with its innovative gameplay and ambitious features.

At the heart of Stormgate lies a diverse array of game modes and an “ever-evolving campaign” that promises to keep players engaged and invested in the long term. With a tagline that boldly declares it as the “future of RTS,” Stormgate sets its sights high, aiming to revive the classic feel of beloved titles like Warcraft III and StarCraft II. As a free-to-play RTS experience combining fantasy and sci-fi elements, Stormgate brings a fresh take on the genre.

As one of the most anticipated upcoming Esports games in 2024, Stormgate has the potential to revitalize the RTS genre and carve out its niche in the fiercely competitive Esports landscape. Blending classic gameplay, modern innovation, and ambitious vision, Stormgate is anticipated to make waves and leave a lasting impact on the Esports scene.


Tekken 8

Tekken 8‘s release earlier this year led it to become one of the upcoming Esports games in 2024, marking a monumental moment for the iconic fighting game franchise. The legacy of Tekken as a staple in the fighting game community is unparalleled, and Tekken 8 is poised to continue that tradition while pushing the boundaries of the genre. 

Tekken’s appeal as an Esports title lies in its gameplay depth, offering multiple fighting styles, dynamic 3D movement, and exhilarating slow-motion sequences punctuating high-stakes moments. These elements make for thrilling while showcasing the skill and strategy required to excel at the highest level of play.

The Tekken World Tour is a testament to the game’s status as a premier Esports, attracting top-tier players from around the globe to compete for substantial prize pools and coveted titles. The competitive landscape is set to evolve with this latest Tekken release as new faces emerge and veterans showcase their skills.



VALORANT has swiftly risen to prominence as the premier FPS title among the new Esports games, with tactical gameplay and hero abilities. With the new VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) and Game Changers events, Riot Games is actively pushing VALORANT to the forefront of the shooter genre, vying for the top spot in competitive gaming.

VALORANT has garnered widespread acclaim and a dedicated player base since its initial release in 2020. The competitive Esports scene has flourished, with tournaments across the globe and other international events occurring multiple times each year. The Valorant Champions Tour is the pinnacle of competitive play, with each iteration surpassing the last in scale and excitement.

As VALORANT continues evolving and expanding its Esports presence, it stands poised to challenge even the stalwarts of the FPS genre. With the potential to claim the central spot in competitive gaming, VALORANT represents a new era of thrilling competition and strategic gameplay.

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Future Trends in Esports 2024

With plenty of new Esports games on the horizon, alongside classic games still entertaining Esports enthusiasts everywhere, there are other ways the industry continues to evolve. From new platforms for streaming to the rise of the mobile Esports scene, here are a few trends to watch out for this year: 

  • More International Influence in Esports: Countries such as Saudi Arabia and China are getting more involved in the world of Esports.
  • New Streaming Platforms: TikTok, Kick, and more compete with Twitch and YouTube to become the top streaming platform for Esports. 
  • Mobile Esports: Mobile Esports are becoming more popular, especially with tournaments in China and Central Asia.
  • Evolution of Esports Formats: Referred to as Esports 2.0, there’s been a shift towards shorter, more entertaining events, such as Twitch Rivals.

 As the potential for Esports grows throughout 2024, there is anticipation for the next biggest game and the changing landscape of Esports.  


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From innovative gameplay mechanics to thrilling tournaments, these top Esports titles offer excitement and potential for everyone. Whether you’re looking to compete at the highest level or enjoy the action as a spectator, there’s never been a better time to explore the next generation of Esports. 

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